Pyhän Marian lastentarha
Puistokatu 1 A
00140 Helsinki

Puh: +358 449 820 772

Puh: + 358 442 310 920
email: pmlastentarha@elisanet.fi


Hard and soft facts

  • The playschool began operating 3.9.1959
  • Each year there are a maximum of 40 children in the playschool. The age of the children vary from 3 to 7 years old and they are accepted to playschool in the order they enroll. Children have the chance for full or part-time day care and the free preschool.
  • The school is open daily from 7.45 am to 4.30pm. Alternate times can be agreed if needed. Fall and spring term follow the standard elementary school holidays and calendar.
  • Although it’s a private playschool, the monthly payments are in line with the public day care. The payments are set by KELA, which parents can turn to for additional information.
  • Based on Christian values, the playschool works together with families and aims to provide diverse education by taking into account the differences in families and children.
  • Focus areas are English language and performance skills
  • The staff consists of two Ursuline sisters, a Finnish preschool teacher, an English teacher, a playschool assistant, a playschool teacher and a part time music teachers for violin and piano. 

  • The full early childhood education plan can be found from the pages of social services of Helsinki City.